#SIP a great start to 2017

It’s a massive week for us, as we sign our lease, and embark on a very exciting journey that we hope you will all be a part of. The Secret Sip is coming…

Yes that’s right, The Secret #Sip, Bottle Shop & Tap House, in Royton, showcasing amazing local, national and global craft/real ales in our friendly community-led bar/shop, from keg, cask, bottle and cans. So grab a drink, take a seat and let’s have a chat…

Great beer in this country is not a new concept. Britain’s beer heritage is fantastic, but it’s during the last 20 years, and more recently, the last 10 years, that’s seen a massive rise in quality micro-breweries to the UK & Europe. Now I know this isn’t breaking news to many of you, so I won’t preach to the converted, but we want to help increase those converted numbers, which we’re sure is reiterated throughout the industry.

We will showcase what these talented brewers are producing. To store and dispense these crafted beers in the correct manner, is a key step entrusted on us by the breweries. Let’s face it, the main reason we all drink these great beers, is that they taste so damn good, so we want to ensure they reach you – the thirsty customers – as intended. Our kegs and casks will be stored at the correct temperature for both. Our bottles and cans will be given the best storage and display, until those glasses get filled.

Once you’ve filled those glasses The Secret #SIP will be somewhere you can while away an afternoon and evening, with friends you know, friends you’ll meet, drinking beers you’ll know and beers you’ll meet.  Also, a place where you can pick up a bottle – or six – to take home, or share, from some of your favourite breweries.

We’ll be hosting numerous events, which will be announced in due course, to keep you entertained and inspired about what you’re drinking.

Very soon you can call in, take a seat and take a #Sip… Sshh it’ll be our little Secret…

Chris & Liam


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